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Earthyworthy End to End Sustainability E3S Program– Down to the last detail E3S Program is where it all started, we have done enormous amount of research and development to come out with what our products are today. Our belief is that our valuable consumers should not only
take pride and feel good about what they wear but also equally know how it’s actually made.


Who We Are

Harmonious Living

We are one amongst you, filled with passion, believe in simplicity, obsessed with end to end sustainability. Quality is at the heart of everything that we do, our products are priced reasonably and ridiculously premium.

Our fundamental philosophy is to come out with creative and innovative products which are good for your well-being (be worthy!) and for the well-being of the earth that we live in (think earthy!). As consumers, when we carefully and consciously choose based on this philosophy what we wear, consume and use in our day to day lives we call it “Harmonious Living”.