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Global sustainable Market Place for World Class independent artist

You are gifted with the ability to imagine and create, we have the ability to print your art onto a world class sustainable apparel made ever !

All you need to do is unleash your imagination and upload your artwork on to our market place, you continue to own your artwork and earn royalty for every product sold using your artwork, its absolutely free.

How It's Made Matters

Earthyworthy End to End Sustainability E3S Program– Down to the last detail.
E3S program is where it all started. Our Single Vision, Sustainable Products for a Sustainable Living, hence the brand earthworthy.
We have done enormous amount of research and the outcome has led to creating the Greenest Apparel ever.


Who We Are

Be worthy, think earthy!

Hello and welcome to Earthyworthy.

The worlds first end to end Sustainability apparel brand. One garment, 10 Sustainable factors. Our vision “An earthyworthy T shirt for every single person on this earth”. Just Imagine what an impact we can create.
Our entire program is built on the philosophy of “Pay for it is worthy, wear for it is earthy!” the biggest question we had was how do we achieve this?
Our Business model is simple,

We offer T shirts made from the Finest Organic Cotton

Choice of choosing your artwork from world class artist based on your interest

Flexibility to customize and create your own

And of-course, an authentic end to end sustainable apparel made ever!


Earthyworthy is all about you !. You think, we make it. Manufacturer directly to consumer and hence we can offer what we have created today.