One Garment, 10 Sustainable Factors

Our belief, our valuable consumers should not only take pride and feel good about what they wear but equally know how its made.

At Earthy Worthy, we believe that it matters how your clothing is made.

Our valuable consumers deserve the choice to buy the clothing they feel good about wearing with the knowledge of where and how it was produced.

Do you know the environmental impact of a conventionally made T shirt?


Garmenting Industry is the 2nd Largest polluter in the world after oil.

More than 25% of Pesticides and 10% of insecticides are being used to growCotton.

100% Organic Cotton

Earthyworthy T Shirts are made from worlds best and softest 100% Supima Organic/Organic Cotton. With every Organic cotton Tshirt you save over 500 Gallons of water, CO2 equivalent to 20 miles of walking, Energy equivalent to 60W bulb lit for an hour.

OekoTex Compliant Printing

The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is a worldwide consistent, independent testing and certification system for raw, semi-finished, and finished textile products at all processing levels, we use OekoTex compliant Inks for printing our T Shirts.

Low Impact Dyes

Our Products are produced from fabrics which are made with environment friendly low impact dyes. These Dyes have higher absorption rate, which decreases the use of rinse water and produces less waste.

Cut Waste Recycled

A key outcome of our E3S program, we recycle our garment cut waste and convert that into cotton recycled paper, this means we don’t landfill our cut waste and we have replaced paper made from wood pulp by cutting Trees.

PET Recycled Labels

Labels attached to our products are actually made from Recycled Polyester, Converting Pet bottles and plastics which are effectively ravaging our environment into usable labels is one of the great ways to protect our environment and our well-being.

Zero Waste Packaging

Another creative outcome of our E3S program is towards “Zero Waste”, our product is actually packed in reusable cotton pouch which effectively replaces, wood pulp made paper packaging, Plastics and other wastes that typically comes along with any conventional product.

Reusable Pouch

Our T shirts are packed in a reusable Pouch, once you take the garment you can use in pouch in your creative ways to store and protect any of your products that can fit in, Belts, Shoes, Shaving Kits etc.

Recycled Tag

Earthyworthy product tag is made from recycled Paper, yet another sustainable factor preventing landfills and creating a circular economy.

Plant Our Tag, Grow A Plant

Earthyworthy Product Tag that comes along with our product is actually embedded with flower seeds in a criss cross pattern, even the Tag that comes with the product does not have to find its way to garbage, rather, you moisten the label and plant the Tag.

Now isn’t this truly being earthyworthy! We will continue to invest in to our research and development of our E3S program to find creative and innovative ways of driving end to end sustainability, if you have anything that we can better please do not hesitate to provide your valuable feedback.