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If you are reading this then you must be an Eco – Conscious person and I am very sure you must have heard the terms “Organic”, “Going Green”, Sustainability”, and many more Eco conscious terms and on the other hand you know that the earth is ravaged. Resources are depleting at a pace far beyond our understanding through a number of environmental issues that is surrounding us, which includes Global Warming, Natural Resource Depletion, Pollution, Waste Disposal, Deforestation, water pollution and many more.

Happy Living! Happy Shopping!
Dev Rajendran
Be worthy, think earthy !


Our Approach

Earthy Worthy was built to deliver simple, elegant and ethical organic clothing at a fair price.
As a direct to consumer brand by cutting out the middleman, we avoid costs like wholesaling,
storefronts and designer licensing fees that have no bearing on quality.
And we pass the savings on to you.


Our Core Values

Our Certifications